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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Quotations - the prices stated in our Quotation will be valid for a period of 4 weeks.  After this period, we retain the right to update our quotation. 

Placing an order implies acceptance of our Trading Terms & Conditions and any Hard Flooring Disclaimer.  You agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions and any Disclaimer.


Terms of Payment - Payment of your flooring will be due in full on ordering. The Company reserves the right to charge interest at 4% per annum over base rate on any amounts which remain overdue for more than 14 days after the date of final invoice. Goods will remain the property of Trade Carpets (Clitheroe) Ltd until the price is paid in full. If you have any complaints regarding your flooring, you will need to notify the Company within 7 days of completion.  Where the Company is required to store your carpets there may be a storage charge.


Cancellation of Order / Own Measurements - Goods ordered specifically for your Contract cannot be cancelled and any payment made will not be refunded unless the Company is able to affect a zero-cost cancellation with the suppliers. We reserve the right to cancel a customer’s order at any time for any reason and issue you with a full refund. No responsibility can be accepted for shortages when goods ordered are based on Customer’s own information and measurements supplied. We offer a free no obligation home measuring service to ensure you have the correct quantity.


Installations / Guarantees / Faults – if you require Trade Carpets to arrange an installation on your behalf, please note we only act as agents for independent, self-employed flooring Installers and your contract is with them to deliver and fit your flooring under a separate agreement with payment being due direct to them.  They are responsible for their own accounts.  Installations are guaranteed for a period of 12 months by them. Any alterations made to your flooring by any third party will invalidate your guarantee. Our Installers have all the necessary insurance and credentials to fit your flooring.  The Installer is responsible for any liability arising from a delivery or installation. The charge for installing your flooring is quoted separately and payable directly upon completion. They are happy to accept cheques, cash, and BACS. If Trade Carpets need to add any installation fees onto an invoice, VAT will be added at 20%.  It may be advisable to re-decorate your walls and skirting boards after installation has taken place, it is impossible to manoeuvre products without touching walls etc.  Vacuuming after installation is not standard practice and if required, please ask the office.  Please ensure you inspect your flooring thoroughly when installation is complete prior to making any payment for fitting. Once you have paid the fitting, it is deemed that you are satisfied with their work.   Any faulty products will be handled by Trade Carpets directly with the Manufacturer and Trade Carpets cannot be held responsible for any manufacturing faults and do not pay compensation. 


Installation/Delivery Dates/Times

Appointments are made in good faith and booked at a mutually convenient time; however, the exact arrival and duration times are not guaranteed due to the nature and unpredictability of the work involved.  Trade Carpets do not accept liability or offer any form of compensation for any delayed deliveries or installations. If you cancel your fitting slot within 24 hours of installation this will incur a charge of 20% of the fitting fee.

Old Carpets & Flooring / Furniture / Appliances / Kickboards - Prior to fitting date, rooms should be cleared of as much furniture and appliances as possible and left clean to ensure a smooth fitting. We understand that some items of furniture (large sofas etc) may be difficult to move. Please enquire if you require assistance with moving furniture etc. This work will be carried out at your own risk and our Installers cannot be held responsible for any breakages or damages which may occur.   Our Installers do not handle any personal items (bedding etc), please ensure these are removed from rooms to avoid an aborted fitting.  In kitchens and utility rooms, please arrange to remove any kickboards and disconnect any appliances, removing them from the area where possible.  If not removed, our Installers will only be able to fit up to your appliances and not underneath. Door plates & underfloor drafts - unless already included in your quotation, door plates are charged as extra.  Plates for high tiled bathroom & kitchen areas etc already in situ are the responsibility of your tilers. If not of a standard carpet size or height, cannot be supplied by Trade Carpets.  Black marks on perimeter of carpets and along floorboard areas are caused by underfloor drafts/dirt and may require silicone sealing etc which we can supply if required. Bespoke plates and trims that are not as standard should be sourced through the supplier of your furniture/applianes/ bathroom suites.



Trade Carpets are currently unable to dispose of any used flooring.  If you would like your old flooring uplifting by our Installers, there will be a small additional cost per room. Old flooring and any unused new flooring waste can be left outside your property for collection by the local council.  


Sub Floors and Damp-Proof Membranes (DPM)

The Customer must ensure sub floors are clean, dry (and free from damp), floorboards are secured and, in a condition fit for accepting new flooring (we cannot advise on the condition of sub floors / floorboards). Whilst every effort is made to make an accurate assessment of the sub floor at the time of measuring, it is not always possible to do so due to existing floor coverings unless the floor is clear of all obstructions. If there is any labour or materials required to complete your job (i.e., screed, sub floor complications or any alterations which are made to your original floor plans etc), we reserve the right to apply these additional charges to your final invoice.  We will do our best to keep these down to a minimum. A Damp-Proof Membrane (DPM) is a membrane material applied to prevent moisture transmission. DPM’s can be used to help resolve damp issues which already exist or avoid damp and moisture problems in the future. Although acceptable moisture content guidelines vary, if the moisture content of your sub floor is above the manufacturer’s guidelines for your chosen flooring, you may still require a DPM. Only by doing so are you sure to prevent moisture passage and damp problems. Even if the moisture content is lower than the recommended level, you should still consider having a DPM to avoid the risk of future damp problems. We are happy to supply a quotation.  Please ensure heating is left on.  If you fail to invest in a DPM, this will become your responsibility and Trade Carpets cannot be held responsible for any future damp or moisture problems which may arise in your flooring. Luxury vinyl tiles need to acclimatise in your home at a temperature of approximately 20 degrees to ensure a perfect installation. 


Door Shortening / TV Cables / Aerials / Pipework - Ideally you should have your doors altered after installation.  It is Company policy that shortening of doors should be carried out by a qualified joiner. A clearance of up to approx. 20mm is required under doors for most carpet types however please enquire prior to installation. Doors that require shortening will be removed on the day and not re-hung, however, fire doors and exterior doors will need to be removed on day of installation by a qualified tradesperson.  Our Installers are not qualified or insured to touch or handle television cables or aerials. They cannot accept responsibility in law as to the effects, visual or otherwise for wiring or pipes installed underneath flooring.  Please let us know about any hidden underfloor pipework, telephone, electrical or burglar alarm cables prior to installation as we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused.


Products & Vacuuming - Pile Reversal or watermarking is a phenomenon that can affect cut pile carpets and is not a manufacturing fault. Looped, wool and textured pile carpets are vulnerable to pilling where the ends of individual fibres become raised from the rest giving a fuzzy effect to the surface. This is unavoidable and certain types of vacuum cleaners can exacerbate the problem.  Please seek the advice of the manufacturer (the Company can provide details) or consult their maintenance instructions especially regarding the type of vacuum required for use on the products you are purchasing. All products have up to an 8% colour tolerance and may vary from the sample you have seen in store, if this may be a problem, please request a sample cutting from the roll.


The Terms and Conditions above do not affect your statutory rights in Law. (Reviewed August 2023)





Applicable to LVT Flooring ONLY





Thank you for your enquiry.  We hope our quotation meets with your approval.  Please find below information you need to consider depending upon your choice of hard flooring prior to placing your order and paying for your deposit.  Please ensure you have carefully read the Manufacturers brochures provided (please ask us if you require one) which will give you in depth information about their products in greater detail especially when choosing borders & design strips (the grouting).  They also give good advice for the care, guarantees and cleaning of their products. Should you wish Trade Carpets to arrange the fitting of your flooring, please note you will be entering into a separate contract with our fitter for this work and you will pay him/her directly upon receiving their invoice.  He/she will be responsible for the work undertaken and Trade Carpets Clitheroe Ltd will be responsible for the products only.  Should you require your flooring to be fitted underneath any of your appliances (i.e., cookers, washing machines, dishwashers, toilets, basins etc), please note you will need to have these items decommissioned and removed from the area the day prior to installation.  Failure to do so will hinder your installation.  Please make sure you remove any plinths prior to installation.  Our fitters are not qualified joiners and will be unable to reinstall these.  Please discuss this with our office. Commercial areas may require the use of a Hard Sealant which adds additional sealing however to remove this requires a buffing machine to remove.  Please ask the office for further details.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT’s) fitted onto concrete floors - a damp-proof membrane (DPM) is a membrane material applied to prevent moisture transmission.  DPM’s can be used to help resolve damp issues which already exist or avoid damp or moisture problems in the future.    Although acceptable moisture content guidelines vary, if the moisture content of your subfloor is above the manufacturers’ guidelines for your flooring (75% or above RH hygrometer reading), you are more than likely going to require a DPM.  Only by doing so are you sure to prevent moisture passage and damp problems.  In some instances, even if the moisture content is lower than the recommended level, you may still want to consider investing in a DPM to avoid the risk of future damp problems.  


LVT’s in Conservatories etc - in areas where excessive temperatures of 50 degrees C or above is possible (i.e., fully glazed south facing windows, bi-fold doors, conservatories etc) it is necessary to keep the temperature between 18-26 degrees C for 24 hours prior to, during and 24 hours after installation.  It is a requirement that you shade these windows (with blinds, cardboard, or blankets etc) prior to installation.  Our fitters may not have the necessary equipment to fit your windows or doors. 


There are sometimes small gaps that might appear between joints in luxury vinyl tiles such as Amtico, Karndean, J2 etc (see display boards).  This has been noticed more with white and very pale colours (see display boards).  Our fitters are extremely experienced and will endeavour to leave no gaps.  If this gapping might be an issue, you may like to reconsider your choice of flooring.  Most ranges have random plank colours and are not uniform.  Please check this when choosing your flooring.


Under Floor Heating - if screed is required for your sub floor, your under-floor heating system MUST be switched off for a minimum of 48 hours prior to installation of any flooring and not be turned back on until 48 hours days after installation.  This is a necessity.  After installation, only gradually increase the temperature of your heating daily which must never exceed 27 degrees C.   New screed should not be worked on top of to avoid damage or contamination (i.e., painting, and decorating etc).


Sub Floor Preparation – prior to installation, please remove your existing floor covering, if possible, sweep and leave the floor as clean as possible.  All silicone from under and around areas the LVT is being fitted must be removed. Timber floors should be well secured, loose boards firmly fastened; worn & broke boards replaced.  The time taken to install hard flooring is unknown, and we can never give a definite time scale for completion as each job is very individual and priced accordingly. If your sub floor is worse than expected when exposed, this could increase the cost and time for completion.  Border work for vinyl tiles and beading for laminate can also be very time consuming. 


Should you wish to proceed with an order, we assume you are happy with all the above information which might apply to your flooring selection.

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